Browser History

I recently gave a lightning talk about the history of web browsers. 20 slides, auto-advancing, 5 minutes total. It starts with the release of the very first web browser by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 and culminates with the assembly of the “Big 5” browsers in 2008 (Chrome being the last one to the party). The central theme is about how competition (or lack thereof) has shaped the web.

Video embedded below.

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Box Selection In Visual Studio

This is one of those “in case you didn’t know” posts.

Edit Multiple Lines At Once

Visual Studio lets you create a box selection by holding the ALT key and dragging your mouse to select a rectangular area of text. Why is this useful? Take this sample code:

Those variable names are kind of long, so say you want to shorten them by taking the “NavHeader” part out of each one. You can use a box selection to select “NavHeader” across all 7 rows at once, then hit DELETE and be done.

You can also create a multi-line caret by holding ALT and dragging your mouse straight down across multiple rows. Then when you start typing, your text will appear on multiple lines simultaneously.


Watch the demo by Brittany Behrens to see it in action: