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Nov 16

Crazy Meta CSS Hack

There are several HTML tags that aren’t rendered on a page. Tags like <head>, <meta>, <script> — all very important, but browsers don’t display them. The interesting thing is, browsers can display them, they’re just told not to by the user agent stylesheet: So what happens when you override the CSS that hides them? Crazy...
Nov 6

Fun Times with CSS Counters

CSS counters are one of those “oh neat, didn’t know CSS could do that” features with a lot of interesting potential. In simple terms, they let you keep a running tally of things in CSS — no JavaScript needed. Basic Counter Here’s an easy pagination example to get us started: See the Pen Pagination CSS...
May 8

Amplify EOI 2012

Badge logo for an initiative where I used to work. Made into t-shirts. Originally created May 6, 2012.
Jun 24

Aurora Bridge

Quick shot of the Aurora Bridge, overlooking Lake Union.