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Feb 5

Via Twitter Web Client

Doom is 23 years old and I still find myself playing it. It's still fun. Fantastic, timeless gameplay. Remarkable.
Feb 4

Via Twitter Web Client

Great thing about writing a JavaScript post in Atom: I can pop open the dev console right in Atom (option + command + i) and test some code.
Sep 28

Highlight Text Inside a Textarea

Let’s start with the bad news. You can’t actually highlight text in a <textarea>. Any markup you would add to do so would simply display as plain text within the <textarea>. The good news is, with some carefully crafted...
Sep 19

Ember in Atlanta

Every once in a while I’ll make a “what I’m up to” post. I guess it’s time for one now. Along with some bonus rambling about Ember and Less. Back in Atlanta We moved out of Seattle and back to Atlanta. Seattle is a...
Jun 15

Checkbox Trickery with CSS

Checkboxes are great. Combine them with the right CSS and you can pull off some really neat tricks. This article aims to showcase some of the creative things you can do with checkboxes. Read on and keep in mind that the demos in this article use no...
Jun 1

Being Fluent in jQuery

This article is all about writing better jQuery code by using a technique called method chaining, made possible by jQuery’s fluent interface. So, yes, the title of this article is mostly a bad pun (sorry). Fluent Interwhat? jQuery’s...
May 18

Iconifying Content

This tutorial will walk you through the concept of iconification — taking content on a page and applying CSS to transform it into a simplified, icon-sized preview of itself. Let’s dig into an example. This demo shows iconifying applied...
Apr 3

Browser History

I recently gave a lightning talk about the history of web browsers. 20 slides, auto-advancing, 5 minutes total. It starts with the release of the very first web browser by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 and culminates with the assembly of the...