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Oct 25

Centering CodePen Screenshots

I like to center my CodePens, horizontally and vertically. I think it makes for better presentation than just letting things fall to the top left corner. Generally, it’s not hard to do, and there are several ways to do it. The Problem But there’s a wrinkle. A screenshot is auto-generated for every CodePen. This screenshot...
Oct 23

Tracking Outbound Links with Google Analytics

An “outbound link” is a link on your site that points to an external site. Google Analytics can track clicks on outbound links, but it takes a bit of setup. It’s not so bad, though. This post will walk you through it. Getting Things in Place First, we need to know which links are outbound...
May 8

Amplify EOI 2012

Badge logo for an initiative where I used to work. Made into t-shirts. Originally created May 6, 2012.
Jun 24

Aurora Bridge

Quick shot of the Aurora Bridge, overlooking Lake Union.