It’s been (almost exactly) five years since I launched the last version of this website. It’s served me well, but I’m happy to say that v5 is finally live. Hooray!

Coder's Block v5 logo


I wanted to reduce the noise and make things as simple as possible — minimal, nearly to the point of boring. I got rid of a lot of things I felt were unnecessary. I knew early on that I wanted to reduce navigation to just two links: portfolio, to serve as the landing page and show my work, and writing, for all my articles.


I made an effort to embrace accessibility, up to WCAG 2.0 AA requirements. Accessibility Developer Tools by Google Accessibility was a great help, though it does give some false warnings, such as this issue that I came across. I still recommend it, though. Also, ChromeVox is a free screen reader that was easy to test with.

The accessibility guideline I had the hardest time with was color contrast. Not that it was hard to do, but it meant sacrificing softer colors and lighter shades of gray that I wanted to use for text. Speaking of color, I used Open Color to assemble my color palette.


Article pages are powered by WordPress, using my own theme and some custom functions. Everything else is running on .NET MVC 5. I updated some of my open source .NET projects to use here, namely SuperFeed and ImageFix.

I also moved the site to a new host, which is hopefully a good thing. I started using Uptime Robot to ping my site every five minutes, which hopefully has the side effect of keeping my site spun up (shared hosts have a bad habit of spinning down .NET apps that have a lull in requests).

Moving On

I spent way too much time on this. I guess that tends to happen with side projects with no deadlines. But now I can move on and get back to writing.