Happy toast

12 Bits

This is my unsorted scrapbook of random bits I've created — things I had fun making that don't quite fit on the projects page.

  • Effective Event Binding with jQuery — I wrote an article for SitePoint about handling events with jQuery.

  • Happy Toast — It all started with drawing bread shapes in Illustrator for practice. Then I just kept going and going. Now it’s become my brand identity for some reason.

  • Slider Slider — An ambitious concept for a stylized range input. Possibly my greatest achievement.

  • Domo Dance Party — Just some dancing domos for no reason other than to play with CSS animation. They’re all square, so I guess you could call it square dancing?

  • GPU-Accelerated Fish — First there were 20 fish. Then there were 1000 fish as part of my talk on GPU-accelerated CSS animation (skip to 19:40 for the good stuff).

  • SLDS Autocomplete — SLDS is Salesforce’s Lightning Design System. I contributed the autocomplete code for the official VS Code extension, to make typing SLDS class names and tokens easier.

  • Amplify EOI — I designed a badge logo for an initiative at work. We ended up printing it on t-shirts for everyone in the technology department.

  • Mini-Preview — A jQuery plugin that displays a tiny iframed preview of a page when you hover a link. Check out the demo.