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I Suck at Illustrator

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I started playing around a bit with Illustrator CS5. I’ve never done vector graphics before, so this is all new to me. And I kind of suck at it. Behold, my first vector work:

fail bread

In a way I’m kind of proud that I could at least get a recognizable outline of a slice of bread. On the other hand, it looks like reject clip art. So I’ll call this my starting point and keep practicing until I learn how to draw some kick-ass bread. And other stuff, too. I swear I didn’t buy Illustrator just to draw bread.

Anywho, I quickly realized that I should start with some tutorials. There are plenty of free ones online, of course. I started this one. I’m on “day 5” and already learning a lot. Good times.

Update: Uploaded this guy to deviantart. You know, for posterity. And here’s my progress after 2 weeks of practice.

Thank you!