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Hello! I'm Will.

(I make web things)

Will Boyd

Some Stuff I Blogged

  • Converting GitHub Gists to PrismJS

    I recently made a bunch of changes to this blog, including how I embed code snippets into my blog posts. More specifically, I dropped GitHub Gists in favor of PrismJS code blocks. Converting all of my […]

  • Coder's Block v6 with GatsbyJS

    Hello and welcome to Coder’s Block v6! There’s a new coat of paint for sure, but the biggest change for this site is the shift to GatsbyJS. This was my first time using GatsbyJS, so I wanted to talk a […]

  • Physics-Based Background Scroll Effects

    This article will show you how to create nifty physics-based background scroll effects for your web pages. We’ll be using Matter.js, an excellent open-source JavaScript framework, to handle the […]

Projects and Whatever

  • Screenshot of Silky Smooth Animation with CSS project

    Silky Smooth Animation with CSS

    Talk I gave at CSSConf 2016 about how browsers render animations and how to optimize them.

  • Screenshot of Gist to PrismJS project

    Gist to PrismJS

    Node.js utility that translates embedded GitHub Gists into PrismJS code blocks.

  • Screenshot of Align 4 project

    Align 4

    The classic game, played against an AI. Uses multi-threaded JavaScript and a minmax algorithm to pick moves.