17 Side Projects

These are some of my bigger projects. I also make demos for fun on CodePen and have other open source projects on GitHub.

  • Talks

    • Silky Smooth Animation with CSS

      Talk I gave at CSSConf 2016 about how browsers render animations and how to optimize them.

    • 2D Physics in JavaScript

      Talk I presented at RevolutionConf 2018 about simulating 2D physics in JavaScript with Matter.js.

    • Motion Detection with JavaScript

      My RevolutionConf 2016 talk on using a webcam and WebRTC to detect real-time motion.

    • Browser History

      5-minute lightning talk about the start of the web, the browser wars, and the rise of healthy competition.

  • Sites

    • Regex Storm

      Web app that helps .NET developers build and test regular expressions.

    • Super Toast Story

      Short animated story about toast flying through space, presented in a retro 16-bit style.

  • Front-End

    • Hello Houdini

      Introduction to the Houdini project, the CSS paint API, and the new things they allow you to do with CSS.

    • Gist Syntax Themes

      Collection of drop-in stylesheets to customize the look of embedded Gists.

    • Background Scroll Physics

      Exploration into using Matter.js to create lively physics-based backgrounds that react to scrolling.

    • Board game played against an AI. Uses multi-threaded JavaScript and a minmax algorithm to pick moves.

  • Back-End

    • WordPress Export to Markdown

      Node.js utility that converts WordPress content into Markdown files usable by static site generators.

    • Gist to PrismJS

      Node.js utility that translates embedded GitHub Gists into PrismJS code blocks.

    • Super Feed

      Fetches content from various social media feeds to combine into one aggregate feed.

    • Image Fix

      Simple .NET utility to scale and crop images while preserving their aspect ratio.

  • Plug-Ins

    • Highlight within Textarea

      jQuery plugin that lets you find and format spans of text inside a textarea.

    • Autocomplete Font Awesome

      Atom plugin that autocompletes Font Awesome icon names and shows previews for the icons.

    • Autocomplete Math

      Atom plugin that can evaluate math expressions and replace them with the solution.