20 Side Projects

These are some of my bigger projects. I also have more open source projects on GitHub and lots of front-end demos on CodePen.

  1. Talks

    1. 2D Physics in JavaScript

      Talk I presented at RevolutionConf 2018 about simulating 2D physics in JavaScript with Matter.js.

    2. Silky Smooth CSS Animation

      Talk I gave at CSSConf 2016 about how browsers render animations and how to optimize them.

    3. JavaScript Motion Detection

      My RevolutionConf 2016 talk on using a webcam and WebRTC to detect real-time motion.

    4. Browser History

      Lightning talk covering the start of the web, the browser wars, and the rise of healthy competition.

  2. Sites

    1. Will + Three.js

      Collection of small 3D graphics projects I made for fun and practice while learning Three.js.

    2. Super Toast Story

      Short animated story about toast flying through space, presented in a retro 16-bit style.

    3. Regex Storm

      Web app that helps .NET developers build regular expressions and test the results.

  3. Front-End

    1. Background Scroll Physics

      Exploration into using Matter.js to create lively physics-based backgrounds that react to scrolling.

    2. Hello Houdini

      Introduction to the Houdini project, the CSS paint API, and the things they allow you to do with CSS.

    3. Gist Syntax Themes

      Collection of drop-in stylesheets to customize the look of embedded Gists.

    4. Align 4

      Board game played against an AI. Uses multi-threaded JavaScript and a minmax algorithm.

  4. Back-End

    1. Heart Light

      I set up a heart button on my blog to turn on a real-world light, using IFTTT and Netlify Functions.

    2. Gist to PrismJS

      Node.js utility that translates embedded GitHub Gists into PrismJS code blocks.

    3. WordPress Export to Markdown

      Node.js utility that converts WordPress content into Markdown files for static site generators.

    4. Image Fix

      Simple .NET utility to scale and crop images while preserving their aspect ratio.

    5. Super Feed

      Fetches content from various social media feeds to combine into one aggregate feed.

  5. Plugins

    1. Autocomplete Font Awesome

      Atom plugin that autocompletes Font Awesome icon names and shows previews for the icons.

    2. Autocomplete Math

      Atom plugin that can evaluate math expressions and replace them with their solutions.

    3. Autocomplete Boilerplate

      Starter package to help developers create their own custom autocomplete provider for Atom.

    4. Highlight Within Textarea

      jQuery plugin that makes it possible to find and format spans of text inside a textarea.