The blog’s been a little sparse lately, but I’ve actually been working on something big. A few weeks ago, I made an HTML5 Canvas version of that Align 4 game I made 8 years ago. It’s a stripped down version, but my goal was to write a tutorial on how I made it.

The coding part was fine. The tutorial part was a terrible idea. So far I’ve written 6 out of 9 (!) posts that make up the full tutorial. I’m a terribly slow writer and the whole thing is sucking my soul out. Oh, and it’s kind of boring. Poring over hundreds of lines of JavaScript is not edge-of-your-seat excitement.

But I’m not giving up now, dammit! I’ll start publishing it on Monday, 3 posts a week, for 3 weeks. And then I’ll be done with it and move on to something else.

Also, I want to stop writing all these ultra-dense blog posts. Lighter stuff would be more fun.

In other news, I ordered Adobe CS5 Web Premium. I’m excited. The only thing I have now is Photoshop, but my copy is 3 versions behind. I’ve heard good things about Fireworks from other web designers, and I’d like to learn vector graphics with Illustrator. CS5 is basically a big toy box to me. I even ordered a second monitor to have more room to play.

Adobe CS5 Web Premium box