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Big changes. Time for an update.

I left my job at CareerBuilder (again). It was a great place with great people, and I will miss all of it terribly. I worked there for nearly 10 years, which is an amazingly long time. Nearly a third of my life. Crazy.

I’ve decided to take a huge metaphorical plunge. Starting with moving from Atlanta to the opposite corner of the country, Seattle. So far, I love this city. Anything I want or need is within walking distance. I have a rental car, but haven’t used it in 4 days. Not an easy feat in Atlanta. Seattle’s a lot kinder on my allergies, too.

Of course, the new job offer was an integral part of making the move work. Starting tomorrow, I will be working for Amazon. I’ll be on their Cloud Drive team, helping to make the web interface more awesome. I’m really excited to be a part of such a remarkable company, and the type of work I’ll be doing is something I have a lot of passion for. Good times.

Thank you!