To Learn

Friday was my last day working at Turner. I was there for a relatively short amount of time, but it was still a great experience. Smart people there, I learned a hell of a lot, and I’m proud to say I helped the fine folks at CNN bring the news.

Ultimately, I decided to head back to familiar territory at CareerBuilder. They’re really starting to ramp up in the mobile space, which is something I’ve always been a proponent of. I’m really excited about the work, especially in the company of old friends.

Instead of going straight back, I’ve decided to take a week off between jobs. I’ve recently picked up an interest in photography (thanks to getting a new DSLR) and renewed my interest in web design (thanks to getting Adobe CS5). I’m taking time off specifically to spend it learning these things. I bought an ebook on photography and a subscription for Adobe CS5 training. Ready!

Also, I could stand to do some yard work. My wife would be thrilled.

Hey, you reached the end!

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